Collection: Crown Collection (All)

The Crown Collection is a limited edition series of scarves printed with original designs by artist Elke Reva Sudin. In a time of widespread hate and discrimination, Sudin felt called to create wearable works of art that celebrate the divine feminine and her own spiritual journey. Each scarf is designed to activate the subconscious, enlightening, illuminating and fostering growth. 

The collection explores the power of finding balance and harmony in a world of duality. The scarves are mystical in nature, unapologetically psychedelic, and evoke the liquid and ethereal. The movement in each design taps into subtle wavelengths to enhance the energy patterns within each of us.

While creating the collection, Sudin drew inspiration from a decade-long meditation practice, study in Kabbalah, and her lifelong tension and personal reclamation of her Jewish identity. Working with scarves helped her translate these esoteric feelings and philosophies into tangible, wearable pieces that speak to women from many backgrounds and walks of life.